Getting Started

Character Creation Summary: 

1.Choose a Non-Racial or Racial Descriptor (Like Clever or Elf).

Racial Descriptors are located on the Obsidian Portal page, and Foci are available from the Cypher Core Rulebook. List of approved Foci and Descriptors can be found in Obsidian Portal.

You may play whichever race you want without choosing the Racial Descriptor; However to attain the racial benefits you must choose the Racial Descriptor.

Record all benefits and drawbacks in Descriptor to your character

2. Choose a Class

Your starting Pool values are determined by Class. Record your Starting Pools and Allocate your free six points to any pool you wish. Also apply any additional point pools you receive from Foci or Descriptor.

Record Weapon Proficiency, Cypher Limit, Effort level, Edge, and Starting Equipment.

Choose Four Starting Powers from your Class list. 

Choose Starting Equipment as stated in your Class page

3. Choose a Foci from the approved Foci and Descriptor list

Record The Tier 1 Ability for your Foci to your character sheet.

4. Choose a Trait from the Trait list on Obsidian Portal (Optional but encouraged)

5. Finishing Details

Backstory, Character name, Character Portrait

Getting Started

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