Approved Descriptor and Foci

Racial Descriptors:


Shoanti, Chelish, Varisian, Half-Elf, Half-Orc, Elf, Dark Elf, Dwarf, Halfling, Gnome, Tiefling, Aasimar, Giant, Changeling




Adroit*, Appealing, Beneficient*, Brash, Calm, Chaotic*, Charming, Clever, Clumsy, Craven, Creative, Cruel, Dishonourable, Doomed, Driven, Earnest*, Empathic, Exiled, Fast, Foolish, Graceful, Guarded, Hardy, Heroic*, Hideous, Honorable, Impulsive, Insolent*, Inquisitive, Intelligent, Jovial, Kind, Lawful*, Learned, Lucky, Mad, Meddlesome*, Mysterious, Mystical, Naive, Noble, Obsessive*, Perceptive, Relentless*, Resilient, Rugged, Serene*, Sharp-Eyed, Skeptical, Spiritual, Stealthy, Strong, Strong-Willed, Swift, Tongue-Tied, Tough, Vengeful, Virtuous, Wealthy, Weird, Young*






Abides in Stone, Awakens Dreams, Bears a Halo of Fire, Blazes with Radiance, Carries a Quiver, Casts Spells, Channels Divine Blessings, Commands Mental Powers, Consorts with the Dead, Controls Beasts, Crafts Illusions, Defends the Weak, Doesn't Do Much, Employs Magnetism, Entertains, Exists Partially Out of Phase, Explores Dark Places,, Explores Deep Waters, Fight Dirty, Fights with Panache, Focuses Mind over Matter, Grows to Towering Heights, Howls at the Moon, Hunts Nonhumans, Hunts Outcasts, Hunts with Great Skill, Infiltrates, Interprets the Law, Is Idolized by Millions, Lives in the Wilderness,  Looks for Trouble, Masters Defense, Masters the Swarm, Masters Weaponry, Metes out Justice, Moves like a Cat, Moves like the Wind, Murders, Needs No Weapon, Never Says Die, Performs Feats of Strength, Rages, Rides the Lightning, Separates Mind from Body, Shepherds Spirits, Siphons Power, Slays Monsters, Speaks for the Land, Stands like a Bastion, Throws with Deadly Accuracy, Wears a Sheen of Ice, Wields Two Weapons at Once, Works Miracles, Works in the Back Alleys, Would Rather Be Reading, Changes Shape*, Eliminates Occult Threats*, Fell through a Rabbit Hole*, Is hunted by Moths*, Keeps a Magic Ally*, Likes to Break Things*, Runs Away*, Wonders*, Works for a Living*, Figures Things Out*, Helps Their Friends*, Revels in Trickery*, Sailed beneath the Jolly Roger*,  Touches The Sky*, Descends from Nobiliy*, Explores*, Commands Monsters*, Negotiates Matters of Life or Death*,  Plays a Deadly Instrument*, Learns Quickly*, 



*Located in Expanded Worlds Cypher Book

Approved Descriptor and Foci

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